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Neuromuscular Dentistry in Mt. Pleasant

It’s easy to forget about the muscles in your jaw when everything is working as it should. But as soon as something goes wrong with the alignment of your temporomandibular joint, chronic, severe pain is likely to occur. The result is temporomandibular dysfunction, TMD, or what many people refer to as simply “TMJ.”

Where do you turn for treatment for jaw pain? It may surprise you, but your dentist is actually the professional equipped to treat your TMJ/TMD. Dr. Virginia Gregory uses neuromuscular dentistry to address the underlying problems associated with jaw misalignment. This practice takes a whole-body approach to treatment for jaw pain, considering the muscles and tissues connected to and within the TMJ. Neuromuscular dentistry is used to diagnose and treat TMJ/TMD.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

How does your dentist diagnose the problem? First, we begin with a full assessment of your symptoms. Dr. Gregory will ask you a number of questions regarding your jaw pain, including when it’s most likely to occur, whether or not you’ve had past jaw injuries, and more.

Next, Dr. Gregory will assess the alignment and motion of your jaw. A neuromuscular dentist may use one of the following tools to examine the jaw’s movements during speech, opening, closing, and at rest.

Neuromuscular Treatment Options

Once the underlying cause your symptoms has been identified, Dr. Gregory can decide which treatment method is best for you. Custom-fit orthotics, orthodontics, and full-mouth reconstruction are all methods for relieving the discomfort related to TMJ/TMD. Sometimes, one solution is all that’s needed to reduce symptoms. Other patients find relief with a combination of treatments.

Find Successful Treatment for Jaw Pain Today

Treatment for your jaw pain doesn’t have to involve surgery or a lifetime dependence on painkillers. It’s the goal of neuromuscular dentistry to solve the underlying cause of TMJ/TMD -- and not to just mask the pain. Dr. Gregory is the neuromuscular dentist in Mt Pleasant SC. Schedule your appointment to find much-needed relief from your jaw discomfort today!