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Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Mt. Pleasant

Brighten Your Smile in Mt. Pleasant

What is the first thing people notice about your smile? Actually, what is the first thing that you notice about your smile? Does it look yellow or stained? If you’re like most people, the color immediately jumps out at you. Think about how many times you’ve met someone new, and even though you instantly forgot their name moments later, you still managed to notice how nice (or not) their teeth were. What kind of impression does your smile make? If you’re looking to instantly win people over and boost your confidence, then you’re probably a perfect candidate for teeth whitening in Mt. Pleasant with Dr. Virginia L. Gregory.

Why Would I Need Teeth Whitening?

Do you enjoy a cup (or 3) of coffee at the start of each day? How about the occasional glass of red wine, or a snack of raspberries? Unfortunately, all of these (in addition to diet, aging, and genetics) can stain your teeth and make them appear dull and discolored. It’s no secret: everybody likes to have white teeth, and that’s because they are one of the strongest social signifiers in our society. When someone looks at a person with a bright, perfect smile, words like attractive, intelligent, and professional quickly jump to mind. Wouldn’t it be great to have people think that about you just because of your teeth?

We Can Make it Happen

If you’re looking to dramatically whiten your smile, your answer isn’t your toothbrush. Your home routine is great at maintaining your current shade, but it does little to improve it (and that includes so-called “whitening” toothpastes). The only way to make your teeth truly sparkle is with professional teeth-whitening.

How We Do It

We have two ways we can help whiten your teeth:

After either treatment, simple brushing and flossing can help maintain the color for months. You can even use the take-home kits for the occasional touch-up for your in-office treatment, and this will help your new smile last for years.

Get Started Today!

We want you to feel pride the next time you look in the mirror, and certainty during your next job interview, special event, or date. It can all come from a smile you’re eager to show off, and if you’re ready for it, you can get started today. A new, sparkling smile is waiting for you—all you have to do is call your cosmetic dentist in Mt. Pleasant today.