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May 6, 2024

Will I Sound Funny While Wearing Invisalign?

Filed under: Uncategorized — VGregory @ 11:50 am
Two people with orthodontics look stereotypically "nerdy" making thumbs-up

A major reason people love Invisalign is they can straighten their teeth without feeling like a cringy sitcom teen. Another traditional orthodontic problem people might be trying to avoid is sounding like a cringy sitcom teen. They raise a valid concern. It’s easy to focus on the aesthetics of a teeth-straightening treatment and completely forget about a crucial human ability: talking.

Fortunately, there’s not much to worry about in this case either. But you didn’t come here for a single-sentence answer. Keep reading for all the evidence you need to pronounce Invisalign “safe for the cool kids”.

Exhibit #1: Invisalign is Thin and Snug

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Traditional braces are bulky and poky, making them difficult to talk around on a good day. If you don’t cut the inside of your mouth up every time you go in for a tightening, you’re either abnormally lucky or impressively dexterous.

Invisalign trays stand out as a stark contrast to this age-old experience. They fit more like a mouthguard, but are low-profile and slim. The worst thing that could happen to your speech is you slur “s”, “z”, and “th” sounds for a week or two. After adjusting to brand new trays or recently tightened trays, you’ll likely be able to talk like normal again, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

The Jury’s Verdict: Invisalign is Simple and Easy to Wear

According to surveys, 93% of Invisalign patients have no significant speech issues while wearing their trays. That’s an overwhelming majority vote, scientifically and concretely backed by research. The defense rests their case.

Practice Makes Perfect, so Talk a Lot with Invisalign!

Let’s say you just got your next-phase trays. They’re tighter than the last set, so while you know you’re closer to flawless teeth, you’re worried the new fit will acoustically interfere with your improv comedy clu – super important business meeting. The big day is tomorrow, so you can’t afford to wait around while you adjust.

In that case, practice, practice, practice! Just like you do for your, uh, meetings. Here are some ideas that don’t involve annoying your friends with random chatter:

  • Read out loud to something challenging, like Lord of The Rings
  • Record yourself monologuing and listen back to make sure you’re pitch-perfect
  • Use a timer to keep track of your talking speed and force yourself to slow down
  • Focus on enunciation by trying to talk with a pencil in your mouth

Speech and debate coaches everywhere are witnesses to these tips’ effectiveness. They work for both speakers with and without Invisalign aligners!

It might also comfort you to know that, like your general doctor, your dentist is sworn to secrecy. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re pursing straighter teeth, they won’t tell a soul. With them and Invisalign on your side, your “cool-guy reputation” will make it through your treatment scot-free.

About the Author

If you just can’t get used to talking while wearing your Invisalign aligners, you’re in luck. Dr. Virginia Gregory happens to be an outstanding dentist who earned a Master of Science in Speech Pathology. The next time you visit her office for dental work, ask her for some extra talking tricks. If you’re a new patient who’s interested in straightening out your teeth with Invisalign, Dr. Gregory will be happy to help you too! Just call 843-884-8884to make an appointment, or submit a request online through her website.  

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