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Dr. Virginia Gregory's Blog

September 8, 2019

Here’s How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

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person holding blocks with letters of the word "stress"

Many of us lead busy lives these days, causing stress to run rampant. You may already be aware of how poorly managed stress can affect the brain and heart, but did you know it also has an impact on your oral health in Mt. Pleasant? That’s why it’s important to deal with your stress or anxiety as soon as possible, so as not to cause problems. Let’s take a closer look at what those problems are and how you can put a stop to them.


July 14, 2019

8 Invisalign FAQs: Living with Clear Aligners

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woman smiling holding Invisalign

You’ve decided to straighten your teeth, but should you choose an advanced method like Invisalign? It can help you finally have a confident smile even during treatment. But you have questions and concerns about how Invisalign will affect your lifestyle. Will you have to change a lot in your daily routine to make room for treatment? How can you make sure that you achieve the results you’re looking for? Keep reading to get helpful answers to Invisalign FAQs. (more…)

June 18, 2019

5 Tips for Taking Care of Invisalign Aligners

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Woman with InvisalignInvisalign is a favored orthodontic option among teens and adults, and for good reason: compared with braces, there are no brackets or wires, no eating restrictions, and it’s much harder for the casual observer to notice. However, just because there are no metal parts doesn’t mean that there’s no maintenance involved. In order to get the best results (and avoid needing a costly replacement!), you need to make sure that you’re taking good care of your Invisalign aligners. Here are 5 tips for doing so.


April 6, 2019

Preparing for Braces? Let Us Answer Your Invisalign® FAQs in Mt. Pleasant

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Invisalign bracesAre you considering Invisalign® braces but don’t know if you’re ready for the responsibility that comes with them? It’s really no surprise since these clear, plastic trays take some getting used to, not only with regard to how they feel but how to take care of them as well. If you’re struggling to figure out the best way to incorporate them into your daily routine, let us answer some common Invisalign® FAQs in Mt. Pleasant.

March 3, 2019

Did You Know That Sleep Apnea in Mt. Pleasant Can Affect Your Heart?

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Man with trouble sleepingSleep apnea is a common problem that causes interrupted breathing during sleep, which leads to loud snoring and restless nights. Sleep apnea can have a serious affect on your day-to-day life because it hijacks your much-needed time of rest, but recent studies have shown that it can also have an impact on the health of your heart. Keep reading to learn more about sleep apnea in Mt. Pleasant and how it can affect your cardiovascular health.


December 1, 2018

Why It’s the Best Time to Get Whiter Teeth in Mount Pleasant

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Half white smile.Is your smile ready for its close-up? The holidays are a time of year where everyone in your life wants a good picture. However, this can be a problem if you’re self-conscious about stains or discoloration in your grin. Thankfully, your dentist has the best kind of teeth whitening for a beautiful set of pearly whites. Read on to discover the benefits that whiter teeth in Mount Pleasant will bring you for the holiday season from an expert dentist.


October 12, 2018

The How and Why of Getting a Root Canal In Mount Pleasant

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Woman touching her cheek in painThere are few dental procedures that are more misunderstood than the root canal. And with the (undeserved) bad reputation they have, it’s no surprise that so many people are filled with dread when they need one! But you’ll be relieved to know that root canals are nowhere near as unpleasant as you might think – not to mention that they save your natural teeth and ultimately maintain your oral health. Keep reading below to learn why a root canal in Mount Pleasant might be necessary and why it’s a good idea to have an endodontist perform the procedure. Once you know the truth about root canals, they’ll feel a lot less scary!


September 16, 2018

Can Botox in Mount Pleasant Relieve TMJ Symptoms?

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TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint, or more properly temporomandibular joint syndrome. It’s a condition that can cause pain and soreness in the patient’s jaw, teeth, head and neck. Modern medicine offers many options for treating TMJ, including Botox in Mount Pleasant.


June 12, 2018

Feeling Drowsy? 5 Daily Signs You May Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

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tired man at deskObstructive sleep apnea is a disorder wherein the tissues at the back of the throat collapse at night, causing temporary pauses in breathing. It is a common condition that afflicts people of all ages, sizes, genders, and fitness levels. If left untreated, it can rob you of your quality of life and lead to long-term health problems. But since this disorder happens only when you’re not conscious, how can you know if you need to seek sleep apnea treatment in Mt. Pleasant? Here are some signs you should be on the lookout for.


May 4, 2018

Your Dentist in Mount Pleasant Offers 4 Ways to Improve Smiles

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A woman smiling.Even if the health of your smile is in good shape, there are always ways to give yourself an extra boost where you need it. For example, one of the most popular treatments dental practices offer is teeth whitening, a fast and effective way to make your smile multiple shades whiter. Additionally, your dentist offers porcelain veneers, Invisalign clear aligners, and dental implants!

All these treatments can make a big difference in your smile’s appearance and even functionality. To find out how, keep reading this post from your dentist in Mount Pleasant.


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